In My Brokenness

I found myself
The real me came to light as I could no longer hide behind what you see
The not so pretty parts
The parts that were not easy on the eye
Were laid bare for me to see
I prayed to be given the strength to piece together the shattered bones and the naked flesh that the world could see
I prayed to be given the revelation that would allow me to speak and breathe life over these dry bones
I uttered the words that the spirit provided
A new found strength 
New found belief
New found talents and skills that I did not know I possessed began to shine as my broken pieces were being put back together 
The scars I was ashamed of 
The cracks and gaps that needed to be filled I was  afraid of
But through the pain God showed me what I was made of 
So now I'm here
Healed and whole
The broken pieces are not a pretty sight but a masterpiece by the one who created me

In my brokenness I found me.