I read the last page first to see how the story ends
Don't care if it's happy or sad I just want to know how the story ends
I wonder what the story will be with us
But I'm tired
I'm tired of reading novel after novel
Chapter after chapter
Flipping through 365 pages or more to only realise
We were never on the same page
I mean we were never even reading out of the same damn book
So how could we even try and discuss the similes, metaphors and imagery of where we're at now and where we want to be 12 chapters from now.
I get a lump in my throat when I see the comma that asked me to just pause for second before reading on.
I burst into tears when I hit the period that told me to stop.
This is it.
The end of another novel.
You kept on reading hoping he'd catch up
I guess that's that.
It's time for a break
Hopefully the next is the Never Ending Story you wanted
I guess you won't know until you pick up the next Novel.