Family... My heart


I thank God for my family
For giving them to me
And me to them
For putting me in this nuclear unit
Even after all the nuclear warfare
We always come out waving the white flag of peace
Trying to piece together any broken pieces that may have been shattered
We love
We fight
We forgive
We go head to head and toe to toe
I try to stand shoulder to shoulder with my brothers and show them that I'm no longer lil kem kem
I'm now #ThatWoman but it never works because I'm too short
I love my family.
My mother; the pillar of this unit she holds us up.
God knew what he was doing when he made her the rock of the Oloyede household
Made sacrifices and put some of her plans on hold just so we could be where we are now
My mother pounds that yam and makes that stew that finds it's way seeping through the door cracks and into my room
The woman yells at me to reduce the volume of the TV so she can hear what aunty wumi is telling her from Nigeria
The TV is on mute though
She hugs us she scolds us she prays for us she loves us
She's the health visitor who deals with some of the most depressing cases comes home and falls on her knees praying
Thanking God that we made it knowing we never could've made it without him
And I thank him knowing that I never could've made it without her.

My father; the greatest man I know, a daughters first love. He's the opposite to my mother
The ying to her yan
The boss of this clan
He's my father
He calls me his princess everytime I walk through that front door
 He held me when that guy broke my heart
Knew that he was no good from the start
But I was too stubborn to listen and gave him another chance
But daddy never said "I told you so"
He stayed right by my side and prayed every single night and told me great things are coming my way
He's my motivation and my inspiration
I love him for his ambition
I love the voicemails he leaves on my phone when I don't pick up they always start with "Kemi it's your dad"
Even though I'm not a baby
He refuses to go to bed and sleep
Until he knows I'm home safe and sound,  in bed and wishes me sweet dreams.

My brothers; my protectors
Michael told me he watched me eat washing powder when i was 2 or 3 so he got beats
They almost clocked a game on the Sega mega drive we had
But I guess it's kinda sad that it never got clocked
I pulled the game out of the console
Don't ask because I don't know
What I was thinking
Every Saturday morning we'd watch WWF and WWE
We only sat round the table for dinner for Christmas and New years eve
Back then it wasn't sky+ record, pause or rewind
Nah we had to be kind to whoever got the cable and wireless remote control first if we wanted to watch a show.
Richard was the voice of reason
Michael loved football and couldn't wait for the next season
Joshua was the baby and for that particular reason we'd get him to do all the things we didn't want to do

I love my family
I loved the way my parents would line us all up every month when the phone bill came
And make us circle every number we called
Banning us from using the landline
Which wasn't fine because we never had mobile phones
That's when we got a computer
Windows 98
Never had online games
So we entertained ourselves
With solitaire minesweep and sometimes paint
The days of AOL closing the living room doors to make sure mum and dad can't hear the dial up Internet connecting so we could start messaging our friends on MSN
I remember the day Michael got the best phone in the house
A Nokia 3510i
Colour screen and polyphonic ringtones
My mum got a flip phone
I got my dad's old phone
I love my family
Every Sunday we'd have yam end egg before we went to church
They said the services finished at 1
Started at  10 but after 3 it still wasn't done
My baby brother was 5 when he did something I'll never forget
It was our last day in nigeria
The state where from is kwara
My dads father was a cocoa farmer
My mum's mother is a pap seller
Anyway back to my baby brother
He offered us his last 10 naira
And obviously Richard and Michael both wanted it
So Joshua ripped the note in half and said they could both have it
Remember he was 5
But right there I could see that he just wanted them to be happy and wanted to keep the peace
Did I tell you I love my family?
We went from the council flat in Barlow house
To my parents moving up and owning their own house
Moving further and further out
Of London because they wanted us to have the things they didn't have
Now we're older and wiser
2 have left the nest and 2 remain
1 has started his only family
Extending the branches on this family  tree
Now I have 2 sisters and 2 nieces
I am truly blessed sometimes I can't believe it.

To my family I love you and thank you for never giving up on me when I gave up on myself