"I Do This Because I Love You..."

He promised to never do it again
I mean never hit me again
He promised
I mean he seems sorry
So I don't have to worry
About this happening again right?
He told me he loves me and sometimes he gets angry
Sometimes I frustrate him because I don't listen but I try my best to please him and when he hits me I forgive him
He mistreats me I'm still with him
He choked me then he punched me
Now my nose is bleeding
why am I still with him?
I tried to run away but he found me
I can't keep my daughter away from her father but I'm tired
Tired of lying and making up excuses about my body covered in bruises
Tired of caking on my make up and breaking up to make up.
I just want to be okay and strong enough to walk away
From this thing called a relationship
My body can't handle this.
The officer asked if I wanted to press charges
But the look in his eyes told me I'll be worse off
So I let him off thinking he'd see that I gave him another chance
Instead I was left with a cracked rib and 3 stitches above my eyebrow
I told him if he loved me he wouldn't do this
He told me he loved me so that's why he does this
I don't quite understand his logic
But I guess you probably don't understand mine either right?
Probably wondering I'm crazy for staying with him right?
I want to be that strong woman for myself And my baby girl
I want her to look up to me and see me as more than just a punching bag
I want her to look up to me
Well I guess I got my wish
Because now she's looking up for me
Asking why God wanted me back
But now I can finally rest in peace.