Rhythm and Blues

You are the verse I wrote in deep thought as I sat on the train
You take the tempo up a notch or three and then stop
Causing my body to be still and take in every rhyme I've just heard
Every lyric that tells the story of you
You are my rhythm
You are my blues
You are the views I see when I close my eyes and allow the beat to take over my body
I surrender to the chorus you repeat
The jazz inspired beat as you hold on to my waist and your music takes us on this unknown journey to another place
You are my rhythm
You are my blues
You're the record I choose
To play when the rain drops patter and pattern my windows knocking everytime begging for my attention
I hear them
But I tune them out because I want to hear you
You are my rhythm
You are my blues
I am the guitar and you pluck my strings
I am the drums as you beat my skin
No this is not violent so don't take that the wrong way
You are the bass and I follow your lead
My name isn't Alicia but you play my keys oh so well
You get me
You get my melody
You gasp for air just before you let the saxophone take over
I don't want this song to be over
You capture the essence of my being at the bridge
Taking me to that place again where I'm reminded that
You are my rhythm
You are my blues
Together let's write our own love song
It will be our song forever
Kinda like a reminder of Al Green let's stay together.
I'm not usually as open as this but my soul is open to this
A feeling I can't dismiss
We could make beautiful music together
In a foreign language only we know
You called me your inspiration
You called me your muse
I hope you never forget
You are my rhythm
You are my blues


  1. Woah, such an amazing piece!
    I really enjoyed reading this poem. Look forward to more :)


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