Old Friend

The memories I will cherish
Hold close to my heart our experiences
We taught and we learned
Opening our eyes to see more than we would've if we walked alone.
We laughed we cried
Sorrow and joy that took us to places where we no longer felt comfortable
Unknown to you
Unknown to me
A ship we deemed unsinkable has embarked on its last voyage and come to an end.
What we thought would last a lifetime has had its season
Lord knows the reason
But it's okay.
Soon comes may where new life begins
And new friendships will bloom
Old friend I pray for you
For you to be a light to the new people you come in contact with
Old friend I thank you
For helping me to discover me and being part of my journey.
Old friend I love you
You were the family member I got to choose.
Old friend I will miss you
Now it's time to embrace something new