My King

The gravitational pull between us is a force that cannot be reckoned with.
I'm drawn to the inner most part of you, not just the superficial part that the rest of the world gets to see.
Please understand that I am not the part of you that's missing,
You do not complete me,
 but you compliment me.
Two beings great in their own right,
Being with you just feels so right,
We're so different but we're so alike,
When the fire starts to die down within me you set me alight,
Igniting the passion within me once again to be greater and vice versa,
You are not the potential Man I once cared about,
You are the man that has tapped into his potential and brings his visions to life.
This is not a soul tie but our souls are in line,
You are my king and I your queen,
The almighty's provision for me.
The foundation we lay will be the beginning of something we've never imagined.
A reality I cannot fathom because this is the kind of love I've never experienced before, but the kind of love I know we both deserve.

The man that stands in his truth, accepts his flaws but is on this continuous journey of self development.
I accept you,
I appreciate you,
You stand tall with the world on your shoulders but you do not waver.
I'm here to be your support system,
Your strong Backbone.
You've helped me on my journey of becoming that woman.
My journey of self discovery.
My heart I'm not afraid to give to you or to share with you as you keep it safe.
Your royal highness with you I'm at peace
The calm I need after a crazy day.
My king who holds the key to my treasure chest.
You embarked on the voyage to the deep chambers of my heart.
One day I look forward to carrying the joy of our world in me.
A little prince or princess born into royalty.
It's funny how I've written this poem even though I probably haven't even met you yet.
My blessing will not pass me by,
So I wait patiently for my time, 
Until the stars are aligned,
Until I am yours and you are mine.


From your Queen