I Love my Body

I love my body
The physical representation of the soul that lives within me
Wonderfully and fearfully made
From now on I will embrace
This very being
My kinky hair that doesn't fall but stands on my head
The thickness and volume of every strand society tells me to relax
My face and all the features that make me me
My five finger forehead
My not so straight and pointy nose
My full lips I was told to suck in
I will embrace
My skinny arms that have carried loads and burdens I never thought I could bare
Why would you care
Instead I'm told my breasts are not full enough
My waist is tiny though but not tiny enough to give me that hour glass figure that is so desired
I'm so tired
My hips are not wide enough to give me curves,
But these are the same hips that will carry my legacy
To have that "ideal" body was never for me
I love my body and I will embrace these slim thighs and calves  that have helped me to run my race in this life so far. They have carried me further than I ever could've imagined.
The same legs that are not thick enough but quick enough, taken strides on a track as I head towards the finish line.
From head to toe I am me
I am she
#ThatWoman who is embracing her body bio oil may not get rid of all my scars but they tell the story of the woman who is amongst you today.
If I could live this life all over again
I'd do it in the same skin I'm in
My honey to my chocolate and  my sweet golden hue and every shade in between
My imperfect body is perfect in the eyes of who made me
It will be perfect in the eyes of the man I'm destined to be with
Imperfect in the eyes of those who define beauty
A subjective concept but it does not matter,
because I love my body.