Cried so many times
Cried so many tears
With my breathing shallow
I held this back for years

A love so genuine
From a heart that's true
My broken heart was my burden
The weight I got used to

This very being was all in
For his wellbeing I cared
More than my own I put him first
My cries he did not hear

Oblivious to my pain
But I was the fool
Forgiving, so many chances
Because I loved you

With all the pieces scattered
Some close some near
I'm left to fix me again
A pain that I can't bear

They say with time I'll heal
And to pray, I do
To guard my heart again
But I'm not sure how to

To fall in love again
Lord knows I'm scared
another broken heart
Is a feeling I fear

Understand my love was real
And my feelings were true
My worth you did not see
My soul you never knew
Many nights I've cried
Some days I feel blue
But joy comes in the morning
I wait patiently for something new.