This Love

I can't just tell you I love you
I have to show it
Everything I did for you came from a place of love
A love so true an experience so new
To me.
This love that I tried to contain kept on pounding through my chest until it broke free
This love was genuine and I had your best interest at heart
In fact I still do
But now I have to love you from a distance because my heart can't keep getting trampled on til the life and love has left it with no beat
I may not understand but I must accept that this is my reality now
I continue to give and you continue to take
I gave you my love and a heart you could break
Because I was all in so my heart was all yours
Something so fragile but I trusted you with it.
Hoping and praying that this time it was it
Now there's no going back for me this is it
I can't keep dealing with a broken heart and all the bullshit
But in a way I'm grateful for the lesson learnt
As painful as this is for me right now it's making me become a better version of me
And the man that is destined for me will appreciate the woman I've become.