Renewing of my Mind

I can't seem to gather my thoughts and find some kind of rationale that makes sense to me.
That I can make sense of.
I want to change but it's hard.
I want to let go of the things I cannot change.
The people that are not there for me.
I want to let go of anything that is not for me.
Not good for me.
I want to be free and accept that I cannot change everything, but I can't seem to accept that.
I want a pure heart of forgiveness.
A heart like Christ.
A heart that will love without quantifying how much love I will give, but a heart that will give freely and willingly. I cannot keep stressing myself over things that are beyond my control and wreck my brain trying to find answers that can't be found. My mind cannot take these games that people play because, at the end of the day If it continues, they will win and I will lose. I want to change with the renewing of my mind.
A complex organ that controls this body.
I don't want to wreck my brain anymore or try to figure things out and make sense of things that make no sense to me.
I just want to let go and be free.
If my mindset changes I will not have to force change but it will happen organically
I will see things from a pair of new eyes
I will love from a new heart
My soul will be at peace.

I guess what I'm trying to say is,

Change only comes with the renewing of your mind.