Mind, Body and Soul

To my mind:

I'm so sorry
Sorry for not feeding you daily with the nourishment you need to rationalise that you  need to make sense of everything this crazy world throws at you. Brainwashed and made to believe that you are not good enough, you're not smart enough.
You don't make sense but somehow your good enough, smart enough and make sense enough to  control this very being. Believing the ideology that you are nothing more than a little girl in a man's world. You're more than that!

To my body:
Yes I know. I'm sorry.
Sorry for not loving you the way you deserve, sorry for not accepting you for what you are. The very place where my soul resides while I'm alive. I didn't take care of you the way I should because I was ashamed of you. I was not proud of you, upset that God chose us to be together.
One minute light skin girls rocked and you were not light enough and then dark skin girls rocked and you were not dark enough. You have enough melanin to make a trilogy, 50 shades of brown we could be,  a new York times best seller, if only I could see, what I see now because your black, your brown, your golden hue is beautiful.
I'm sorry for trying to change you to fit in. One minute skinny was good, and then thick was in but even those lines were blurred when girls mastered the art of deception with their camera angles. As long as you're healthy it's all good.
I hated your forehead, I hated your lips, I hated your nose they all made me sick. Too big too big TOO BIG!
But what was once ridiculed is now celebrated.
Yes hun, they all want your hersheys kiss. I love your athletic legs, and skinny arms, your small round bum and your Lil muffin top for a tum.

To my soul:

Last but not least. I know I know I know you know what I'm going to say but I'M SORRY!
Sorry for not feeding you daily with the Word that brought me through the good and the bad times. I'm sorry for not spending time with you and getting to know you, but you must believe me when I say this because it's the truth. Without you there would be no me.
God breathed you into my body and here you will remain, here you will stay and for you I will pray because you keep me going, keep me sane. You keep me alive.