It's okay to cry baby girl...

To my future daughter, Mia-Rose, Cerys, Rehyan, Anaya, Olivia and my unborn nieces.

It is ok to cry baby girl.
Don't let anybody ever tell you you are weak for unleashing those tears,
For trying to swallow that lump lodged in your throat because you tried to hold it all in.
Allow yourself to feel what you feel so you understand that this feeling is temporary and will pass from sorrow to joy just like night turns into day.
Do not go to war with yourself because that voice in your head is telling you to hold it altogether while your heart is telling you to let it all go.
It is not okay to put your head before your heart,
Because from your heart love flows and nurses the lives you come in contact with.
It is perfectly fine to look up to the strong women that surround you,
But believe we cried and cried because we were hurt and hurt.
It is okay to cry baby girl.
You are human,
You will become a woman,
People will find comfort in you for being you and allowing these tears to fall.
It is okay to cry baby girl.
Please know that your eyes are supposed to shed tears,
But do not drown in them or wallow yourself in the pool of self pity,
Instead stay afloat and swim to shore
Because I'm sure
That what awaits you will be better than what made you cry and you left behind.