Treasured Chest

***A response by Folarin 
Twitter: @lasurge

I hold the key to her treasure chest
I found it in the corner of her heart, not in the midst of loose women
She’s a sculpture that’s wonderfully and perfectly made
Just for me, for me alone.

I can’t believe I hold the key to her treasure chest
The key to her thoughts and imagination, her hopes and dreams.
It is overwhelming how I love her so dearly
I am complete.

I hold the key to her treasure chest
I found the one that’s made for me
And I am sure.
Every fibre of my being can testify to that certainty.
She’s full of wealth and endless in splendour, she is my prestige in this lifetime and beyond.
Generations to come will talk about my treasure and how favoured I was to have found the key.

She asked to see the key to her treasure chest
To find out if our souls were in line
If we were soul tied.
That was at the very beginning, when we first met.
She was tired of being tied up in knots. She wanted to get it right
She got it right.

I hold the key to her treasure chest
I hold the map to the secret chambers of her heart
It is a place I long to dwell in forever. To love and to cherish and handle with tender care.
She said I'm her pace maker, making her heart beat at a steady rate. Sometimes I make it skip a beat.
She appreciates those moments, it makes her burst with joy.
I see and feel her love overflow around me
I'm ready to catch the overflow and secure the steady stream.

I hold the key to her treasure chest
I am its keeper. I am him…
Her Adam, Her first.
Her Abraham, the father to her many nations that comes from her womb
Her Moses, her leader and guide
Her David, her attacker against all threats
Her Solomon, honouring her with wise words and blessing her prayers
Her Job, faithful to the very end, till death do us part
Her Samson, her shield and protector, strong and mighty.
I am the one tasked with the safety of the key and her treasure chest.

The key to her treasure chest
Leads to more than just what is between her thighs
It’s the passage to a deeper kind of love
One that cannot be quantified.
A rare find, it is a privilege and I take pride in finding it.

I have the key to her treasure chest
She is my crown. I wear it with pride.
It is worth more than precious silver
A jewel unlike any other.
She waited patiently for her conqueror
Guarding her heart for her king.
Now she walks,
She talks
She learns
She grows
With me, her king…
The one who holds the key to her treasure chest.
Everything is perfected in our God.
She’s mine and I'm hers.