Letter to my Father

Started from the bottom now he's here.
He did what he had to do to get to where he wanted to be.
So you see,
I can't complain or make excuses about how hard it is to make it,
Because my dad did it.
Success is subjective.
Your definition might be about having the latest car, 
most amount of money, 
the biggest house or whatever, 
but for me,
He is my definition of success.
Turned nothing into something,
no student loans,
so he couldn't ball out and turn up,
But he worked hard and stacked up,
Lil boy in the village,
Grew up to be the man in the city,
He came to this country with a goal a vision,
Beyond driven you're gonna love him for his ambition,
I'm moved by his story and determination,
So to be the best I can be is my mission.
To him I give credit 
Because credit is due
To him I pay homage 
You did it dad. This is all you! 

Lots of love

Your princess x