The Perfect Gentleman

In the words of Lauryn Hill he's like the sweetest thing you've ever known,
Someone you can call and spill your heart too,
He doesn't judge, but gives you the brutal truth,
He knows just what to say and how to say it,
Firm but soft at the same time,
Just right.
Sweet and polite,
Opens doors,
Pulls out chairs, 
Insists on paying the bill,
He even notices when you change your hair.
A guy with flaws, but he's flawless (he woke up like this),
No such thing as perfect but he's perfect for you.
The perfect match, an ideal.
You should thank his father,
For making him into a man,
And being the perfect real-model.
Also, thank his mother for adding her soft touch
And teaching him how to be gentle.
I guess it's a shame though,
Because you just gave him a double promotion from the friend to the family zone,
Just so you know,
He cusses you out in his head every time you call him 'bro'.


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