Walls of Jericho/ Tower of Babel

No matter how hard I tried,
I just couldn't get past this invisible brick wall I built,
I invested a lot of time in it.
I had this master plan,
And grand design,
Every little detail thought of,
Not only was it thick,
But it was so high,
'Tower of Babel' my,
Solution to anything concerning myself,
How can something I thought was so great,
Become something that would only destroy me,
This thing I had up to protect me,
Did the exact opposite of it's purpose,
I took the phrase "guard your heart" literally,
Gave life to the words- physically,
Refused to get caught up- emotionally,
So I built this wall intentionally,
Without knowing its effect- subconsciously.
Will I love again? Definitely,
Not now but I guess eventually,
I did what I thought was best for me.
I was wrong.
I took a scripture out of context to suit me,
Tailor made.
Pushing away those that weren't against but for me,
Made life difficult.
I'm learning how to guard my heart the right way.