I know I'm not the only female to feel like this,
But I got so caught up in guys that never had my best interest at heart,
I fell because they showed interest, But little did I know the price I would have to pay with the interest on top,
And every time I moved on to the next without dealing with my past,
The interest rate I had to pay to deal with the damage only went up as their interest in me went down. 
I wasnt even interested in the physical,
But interested in what I thought was love and I tried to get it in the wrong way. 
I was only interested in him. 
Interested in what he said, 
Interested in what he did even though my heart told me something different.
Interestingly enough I knew this interest of mine wouldn't be anything more than what it was,
It wouldn't go further than where we were then,
But I decided to run with it because I was interested to see how far it could go even though I knew better.
Naive I was.
Wiser I am.
No longer will I compromise myself to be with an interest whose interest in me will only diminish. 


  1. Love it. And yes you're right you're not the only female to feel this way


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