I find it hard
But I'm learning
I want to 
But I'm scared 
To show you the real me
Behind this brick wall
Beneath theses layers 
Maybe if I did 
You'll understand the real me
Why I do what I do
Say what I say
But I can't
I won't
Just in case you use it against me
You disappoint me
You hurt me.
If I let my guard down 
Allow you in
And it all goes terribly wrong
Then I'm to blame
It's all my fault 
Because I allowed you in.
I can't afford to do that 
I don't have the time to wait
For my heart to heal
I can't keep making the same mistake.
I'm trying
Lord knows I am 
To give you the benefit of the doubt 
But it isn't easy.
Just know that
I find it hard 
But I'm learning...
I want to
But I'm scared...

To trust you. 


  1. Deep. I like this and can definitely relate..

  2. Go to your blog settings and enable google+ comments. It will also make sharing your posts easier.


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