Everyone's a Poet

Lately I've been seeing a lot of tweets about how "Everyone's a poet" or something along those lines. Is everyone really a poet? Or are we able to see more peoples work now due to an increase in the use of social networks? I personally think it's the latter. 

My love for poetry started when I was 6 years old and I'm 21 now so it's been a while and I'm still learning, growing and mastering the art of being a good writer. For some poetry is way to vent and get a point across by creating mental pictures using metaphors and similes and punch lines that will either make you laugh or make you take a step back and say/think "that's deep". For others it's not that deep they may just be jumping on this "Everyone's a poet" bandwagon and running with it until the "hype" dies. Either way I love poetry and whether you started writing/ performing 10 years ago or a week ago I don't care as long as I enjoy what I read/hear. Use social networks such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc, use sound cloud and post videos on YouTube. Make people laugh or make them reevaluate their lives. If poetry is your thing then be the best that you can possibly be. If everyone's a poet send me the link so I can see your work.


  1. Lanrewrites.wordpress.com let me know what you think.


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