Ode to my pen

I mean isn't she beautiful?
Can you not see what I see? 
Look a little closer. 
I have to hold her tight
And I show her
Off every time I'm with her.
She's real special man.
The blood flowing through her in its dark form. 
She brings my thoughts to life on the blank canvas ready to be laced with adjectives, similes, verbs, nouns, metaphors and anything else that will make you dive into this deep pool of poetry bliss.
And I watch her work. 
I never abuse her but I use her.
Use? Sounds bad right 
But I do use her and yes I do love her but she knows her purpose.
What makes matters even worse
Is sometimes our roles reverse
I don't even know wether it's a blessing or a curse.
I don't know who's in control at times.
But the relationship we have is just, something else.
We know where we stand. 
I am her master.
She is the slave to my thoughts. 

My pen...