A Love Like This

I honestly don't get it
I'll never comprehend
Because it's just so great

Do you understand what I'm saying?
Okay well I don't understand either but I'm trying so I'll explain to you what I think I know so far.

This love is indescribable
There's nothing I could compare it to
But I'm going to break it down for you.
A friendship kinda love? Well it's deeper than that.
Your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband /wife is in love with you and you're in love with them right? Well it ain't that either.
Your parents would do anything for you and they've probably sacrificed a lot for you already and that's the kind of love you've been exposed to right? Well no disrespect to them but IT AIN'T THAT EITHER!
I've never had anyone love me the way he does,
I've never had anyone look out for me the way he does,
I've never had anyone provide for me the way he does,
And even though I hurt him he still loves me because that's what he does,
In fact that's what he is.

I can't imagine giving up my child as a sacrifice to a bunch of ungrateful people, and i dont want to, a death so shameful and painful none of this was fit for a king but that's what he did.
Because that's who he is.

A selfless loving father
So whenever you think no one understands what you're going through,
Remember he was once there too.
Having someone who's in your corner day in and day out some say is hard to find but with Him,
A love like this is eternal.