Sometimes I get scared 
I feel like I'm drowning but because I can't swim there's no way for me to come up for air. 
filled with fear.
It saddens me when I feel like no one is there
Some say it but they don't show they care.
This thing in me lies deeper than I thought and believe me I fought 
hard because the weight became too much to bear.
I can't find the correct adjectives to describe how it feels or find the right verbs to explain what it does or even use the correct similes to tell you what it's like.
But it's here.
In me
I'm not the only one that feels this
No this feeling isn't rare. 
To start all over again some wouldn't dare
And yes I know "life isn't fair" 
I guess you don't understand because she cries but you can't hear
And you can't see the tears but if you stand close enough you can smell the fear
I feel like going away and controlling the pace by switching up the gears 
When I'm good and ready...
for now- I smile
Trying to keep my mind clear

But sometimes I get scared.