Hershey's Kisses

Like the smooth milk chocolate that melts on my tongue his words only please me for that one moment.
In order for the party to continue I must take in his bullshit lies and I consume it so much til I feel sick.
I don't want Hershey's kisses anymore,
 But I won't lie
This moment of pleasure and satisfaction that continues to make love to my tongue and lace my mouth with sweetness making me fall into this fake world of chocolate bliss tastes so good.
I unwrap the kiss so carefully already knowing its contents and what it will do to me but I still allow it to have its way with me,
not even my ego can balance my id and my superego whilst I'm under this false consciousness that he calls the truth.
But as he hands over the Hershey's kiss, 
as the chocolate touches my lips,
I succumb.
I'm so used to the taste I'm not ready to try something new 
I'll stop 
just give me one more... Okay two 

Just like the relationship between Hershey's kiss and my mouth that finally comes to an end
I'll no longer fall for the sweet empty nothing's that falls from his lips that lead me into this fantasy world of false marital bliss 
Calling me his mrs when I'm still a miss 
Can't take the continuous lies he's taking the piss
No longer will I ride this out I'm not running the risk
Of another broken heart...
No longer will I taste your Hershey's kiss.