More than a physical barrier that stops whats out from getting in

May stop youu from getting into certain areas of employment,
may have an effect on education even religion I’m starting to feel like there is no way for me to win

Making up less than 3% of the general population,
but we make up 40% of young black prisoners in britain

Don’t get me wrong I’m not vouching for nobody but it makes me sick at the amount of young black brothers getting chucked in the bin

Let’s be real we've all been judged based on the colour of our skin but my patience for this is wearing thin.

Because it’s not only a between race thing but also a within race thing

You see I’ve been told I’m too light to be dark skin but I'm too dark to be light skin, so for a long time I had trouble trying to find where I fit in ,

That was always my question until someone came up with the word “brownin’”

The western world would tell an ebony sister shes not beautiful because of her over production of melanin,

So we have a generation aborting themselves,
but absorbing the western world,
all for the sake of adapting and adjusting

So they’re admiring and adopting
accepting and adoring everything the media feeds them ambushing them with adverse advertising.

So now we have an increase in young girls using bleaching cream,

Damaging something so precious just to be considered attractive it seems.

I understand we all have preferences, but when it comes to the point that you're making someone feel inadequate,
that's just mean.

I'm just covering this issue on a superficial level but I know it runs deep,

So I don't blame you for the way you think,

Because this goes way back to when our forefathers lived.

Back to when a social hierarchy was conceived,

Back when the lighter you were the more privileged you were deemed to be.

This all stems from the days of slavery,

And I know what I'm saying is nothing new, so this whole skin thing doesn't faze me


The way we see one another

The way we support each other

Encouraging your brother

And uplifting your sister

The roles we play in society

Achieving goals when others say we will not succeed

Embracing more than the western worlds definition of beauty

Skin; One of the first things I see when I see you or when you see me

But it is not the only thing that defines me

Even though this is not always the case, we have been brought up to believe in equality

We're unable to change the past and the ignorant things that some people believe

But we must take the lead in this generation and be the authors of our history.