Letter to the future me

A short letter to the future me:
Forget the things that are no more,
everything happened the way that it was supposed to,
in order for you to be the woman you are now.
Aspire to be the proverbs 31 that you paid tribute to,
wipe the tears from your eyes that only you cried,
you can't control everything but some things you can,
so smile.
Allow yourself to love freely and willingly,
do not be afraid of what is to come,
and if so arm yourself with psalm 23,
be that woman that you always wanted to be;
the kind that a mother and father should be proud of,
the kind that your partner would want to shower with love,
the kind that your daughter would always speak good of,
a woman of virtue that can still hold her own when push comes to shove.
only you can be you,
so do you...