I'm a thinker
That's what I mainly do
I think
I think about you
Before I think about me
I think about what would make you happy
I think about how you would feel if I did this or if I did that
always taking your opinion on board and that's a fact
I think about our future and where I would like us to be
If I'm not thinkin about you then I'm thinking about us never just me
I think so much that my brain goes into overdrive
I think until I can't think but then I surprise myself by thinking even more thinking that thinking will solve my problems, then the thoughts that I was thinking about consume me but I think I'm ok when really I'm not because I'm still thinking about things I can't change thinking about things that are beyond my control thinking about what you're thinking trying to get our thoughts in sync only to realise that you never think about me I never come to mind.

That's when I think
No more thinking
I'm done.


  1. This is actually hard..."I think until i can't think but then i surprise myself by thinking...." *MIND BLOWN* i can relate haha


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