My Proverbs 31

I have more than 1 mother,
So there’s more discipline
More love
More arguments
More hugs
I appreciate them all
And the value they add to my life
My mentors, counsellors, teachers and friends,
They are my proverbs 31
She is a wife of noble character
Worth far more than Rubies
More precious than diamonds
No one can compare
Her husband can see these qualities
And compliments her
So she can reach her full potential
He values her worth
And his love is endless
He can see what he’s got
And knows he’s truly blessed
Her head is screwed on just right
And is ready to share her knowledge
On her shoulder she bears the weight of her world
Supports you no matter how heavy the burden may be
Her hands are no stranger to  hard work
And  her arms are used to embrace you and comfort you,
In her chest her beautiful heart lies
Overflowing with love that the world needs
In her palace her unborn child resides
And has no idea of the walls that keeps him safe
She is of royalty
And is clothed with strength and dignity.
Playing mummy and daddy when necessary
Can raise a boy into a man
A man that will treat his wife the way his mother deserves to be treated
A man that will take care of his own and not make  any excuses
Letting her daughter know she deserves the world and more
Teaching her how to be gentle and keep her heart pure
Uplifting her to new heights when her heart is broken
She turns a prince into a king
A princess into a queen
From the curve of her smile
And the curves on her hips
To the hurt in her eyes
And the wisdom from her lips
She is to be praised
For she is my Proverbs 31...