Mama Africa

I’m so proud to be African,
Mankind came forth from her seed,
And in her once upon a time my forefathers lived,
Giving us what we want and providing us with what we need.
So great, powerful and beautiful she’s a mother to all.
Diverse and versatile her children are as black as the night to some so fair they fear the sun.
Out of her came the greats Cleopatra, the myths of medusa, nelson Mandela to president Obama,
Enslaved and ripped away some of her children have gone far away but the African blood running through their veins will forever keep them connected throughout the ages.
A beach holiday to a wild safari she continues to enchant and captivate you making you want to see what else she has to offer,
A land so vast and so great it’s like a never ending story.
She communicates with you in so many tongues and hear your cries for her,
So she runs to embrace you in her love, instilling and reinforcing her values of love, peace and unity into her children.
The food the fashion the sights, it’s all a bit much to take in sometimes so you can take her in small doses if you wish.