Life without make-up (short version)

I stared at my reflection and realised it was time for something different.
So I took out the weave,
And started to take care of my glory,
Next I wiped off all that foundation and concealer,
And boy it was a thick layer,
I gave my skin life by allowing it to breathe,
It may not be as smooth and clear like the models on TV,
But the one who will love me forever,
Will see the physical imperfections and my natural beauty,
Then I removed those bats from my eyes,
Fluttering my God given eyelashes,
And taking off the line,
that makes my eyes supposedly stand out.
I wiped off that bright red lipstick,
And replaced it with vaseline,
Leaving my lips naked,
So the kisses they bore would be pure.

Life without make-up was the best decision I ever made,
A natural nubian queen is what I became,
The real love that I have for my temple I can't explain,
And for you to love your natural self should be YOUR number one aim.