I won’t lie to you
And you already know the truth
I find it hard sometimes
To keep my focus on you
I put others and stuff first
You're sometimes number two
On a list so long
With so much to do
I was told to pray
So I turned to you
But Iwas half hearted
Just wanted to see what you could do
I read your letter
I was told it’ll bring me through
But I pushed you away
And now this appreciation is overdue
I wanted to believe
I was stuck to your spirit like glue
My faith was tiny like a mustard seed
But slowly it grew
Then I left you once again
And returning home was a big issue
I was scared to take that leap of faith
So I withdrew
The devil was my chauffer
Always asking “where to?”
My heart was heavy
But the weight wasn’t new
And the devil showed me
My Life: The preview
That wasn’t my destiny
So Icried out to you
Then I heard you say
“I forgive you”...