So I think you will always have my heart because that's just the way it is,
From the beginning I let you in,
Like blood running through my veins,
I couldn't stop the love travelling within me and switching up its pace,
Cardiac arrest was inevitable whenever you walked into the room,
My heart was always in sync with yours,
Always danced to the rhythm of your footsteps,
Always broke when you left
And always fixed itself when you came back,
Each tear always reminded me of the hurt and pain you caused,
A caution to stay away,
And to protect myself from your bitchass ways,
But then I always came back,
I always tried to have wat I obviously couldn't have,
I wanted  love, acceptance and happiness,
But that was always too much to ask for,
Especially from someone who wanted to spread their wings n fly,
So I tried to let you go and keep it moving,
But you always had that hold on me,
Choking the life out me,
Then when you would loosen your grip with your sweet empty words,
Would always give me the validation and comfort I was looking for.
Even though you hurt me I send nothing but good wishes to you sealed with a kiss and a first class stamp of love,
So that you will always know that my feelings were real.